Free financial education services with your best interest in mind Since 1969

For Members

For over four decades, our mission has never wavered. We have been a leading national force for financial wellness since we opened our doors in 1969. We are here to empower our clients with unfiltered, unbiased advice that makes a real difference in peoples’ lives, one pocketbook at a time.

The results of this dedication shows in our results. Every year, we take more than 200,000 phone calls and lead hundreds of workshops and webinars on behalf of our credit union partners. We are proud to have helped millions of members, like yours, buy homes, avoid foreclosure, improve credit scores, pay off debt, and achieve their financial dreams.

For Credit Unions

We are proud of the credit unions we serve, from the nation’s largest credit union, to our smallest local charters. We support credit unions because we believe in the movement. And always have.

We are here to help strengthen your credit union, with a white-label approach that lets you bring world-class financial education and counseling to your members, all under your own brand. Let us be your in-house financial gurus — on call, and on demand, when your members need it most.

Our Counselors

BALANCE has always been different. We have nearly 100 certified financial counselors on staff. They are experts, certified in both credit and housing, with specialties ranging from money management and financial planning, to housing, debt management, and everything in between.

They are certified financial planners, certified credit report reviewers, BAs, MAs, JDs, and MSWs. They are smart, nonjudgmental, kind, and take the time to listen to your members, on each and every call.

It’s a level and depth of expertise you can’t find anywhere else.

Our Programs

Free Counseling

  • Budget
  • Housing
    • Pre-purchase
    • Foreclosure prevention
    • Reverse mortgage
    • Rental
  • Consumer debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit card review
  • Infoline — immediate help
  • ...and more

Financial Education and Workshops

  • Workshops and webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Charts & checklists
  • Social media
  • Blog
  • Newsletters
  • Publications
  • Online tools
    • BalanceTRACK
    • MyBalance
    • Financial Education Library
    • National Online Database
    • The Big Saver Challenge
  • Specialized initiatives
  • Identity theft
  • Youth outreach
  • Underserved communities

For Our Partners

  • Orientation & training
  • Dedicated Partner Relations Manager
  • Partner portal
  • Customized initatives
  • Special counseling programs
  • Pilot programs
  • Reporting

Ask us how BALANCE can help your credit union. We are always just a click or phone call away.

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