After completing this course, you will know how to manage your checking account wisely. The following topics are covered in the course:

Chapter 1
Checking Account Fundamentals
Overdraft Protection
Always and Nevers

Chapter 2
Credit Bureaus

Chapter 3
Smart Money Management
Income and Creditor Form
Monthly Expense Form

Chapter 4
Prevent Checks from Being Lost or Stolen
Make the time for checking account management
Different Types of Checks

Chapter 5
Use ATM and Debit Cards Wisely
Prevent Fraud

Chapter 6
Endorsing a check
Depositing a check
Writing a check
Making a stop payment order

Chapter 7
Choosing and Sharing Accounts

Chapter 8
Your Checking Account Statement
Keeping Track of Your Checks
Reconciling Your Checkbook

Common terms and definitions on checking accounts

After completing the course, take the Quiz to check your understanding.