Pre-Purchase Counseling

Buying your first home is likely one of the most exciting financial milestones in your life. Our HUD-certified counselors can help you get ready. In pre-purchase counseling sessions, your counselor will help you:

• Create a successful and sustainable spending plan
• Understand how much buying power you have
• Identify any potential down payment assistance programs
• Learn the different types of mortgage loans
• Assess lending requirements and how you can meet them
• Determine how to pick the right Realtor
• Understand the importance of a home inspection
• Prepare for closing

Buying a first home is, for many people, the biggest financial step they’ve made so far in their lives. Having the tools and education necessary to understand the process and the opportunities available can help you move forward with confidence.

Learn more about the homebuying process through our online education module – Pathways to Homeownership.