A collection of the best in financial education—all in one place.

BalanceTrack eLearning Suite

Features 19 modules with online instruction-based learning, quizzes, and worksheets to help employees navigate the world of personal finance. View employee reports including usage and quiz scores.


An easy-to-use tool for creating a realistic money management plan. By creating a spending plan, employees can break the debt cycle and learn to prioritize life’s most important expenses.

Get in Balance

Employees can learn to successfully manage their checking accounts. It’s a great tool for employees dealing with multiple bounced checks or insufficient account funds.

Financial Education Library

A comprehensive collection of 300+ articles, videos, podcasts, checklists, calculators, and other resources to provide valuable financial information.

Pathways to Homeownership

This self-guided module helps first-time homebuyers develop positive financial skills for long-term homeownership success. The program issues certificates, which borrowers can use for specific home loan programs.

Make a meaningful impact in your employees’ lives with BalanceTrack

BALANCE Monthly Webinars
Our “live” virtual seminars offer employees an interactive presentation by a BALANCE Certified Counselor. Two online sessions are conducted every month, each focusing on a diverse topic such as student loans, managing debt, understanding credit and more.

Monthly Financial Resources
We constantly monitor today’s personal finance environment to provide you and your employees the most current information available. Each month you’ll receive timely information to share with your employees. It’s great content for an internal newsletter or company intranet.

Digital Communications Library
We’ll help you spread the word to your employees about the many benefits of financial wellness. With our library of digital media tools, you’ll have access to flyers, posters, email and other shareable PDFs to promote your financial wellness program.

Co-brand and Custom Options
Choose from a co-branded microsite with your logo and contact info. To fully leverage your brand, choose a custom option with expanded branding opportunities.

BalanceTrack eLearning for Employees

Featuring 19 self-guided financial education modules with usage and tracking reports.

Financial Basics
(7 modules)

✓  High-Cost Financial Services
✓  The Psychology of Spending
✓  Drive Away Happy
✓  Credit Matters
✓  The World of Credit Reports
✓  Money Management
✓  Checking Account Management

Planning for Success
(4 modules)

✓  Smart Tax Planning
✓  Financial Planning
✓  Ten Steps to Financial Success
✓  The Basics of Investing

(2 modules)

✓  Using Home Equity
✓  The Road to Homeownership

Financial Crises
(3 modules)

✓  Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis
✓  Financial First Aid
✓  Identity Theft

(3 modules)

✓  Repaying Student Loans
✓  Finances for College Students
✓  Teens and Money

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