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For over four decades, our mission has never wavered. We’ve been a leading national force for financial wellness since we opened our doors in 1969. Our non-profit empowers clients with unfiltered, unbiased advice that makes a real difference in peoples’ lives, one pocketbook at a time.The results of this dedication show in our results. Every year, we take more than 200,000 phone calls and lead hundreds of workshops and webinars on behalf of our partners. Whether you’re a financial institution, non-profit, or employer seeking a financial wellness program, our robust suite of services enables you to provide smart and practical financial guidance.

We are proud to have helped millions of consumers buy homes, avoid foreclosure, improve credit scores, pay off debt, and achieve their financial dreams.


Financial Institutions

We believe that when credit unions and banks offer financial education, they become a trusted, go-to resource to the people they serve.

Through our white-label approach, we strengthen your organization by providing you with first-rate financial education and counseling for your members and customers—all under your own brand. Let us be your in-house financial gurus—on-call and on-demand, when people need it most.

Youth Financial Education Programs

When it comes to promoting financial empowerment, we believe early intervention is the key. That’s why we’re excited to offer two of the most robust youth financial education programs available to credit unions and banks: M3 Money Club® for Kids and Elements of Money® for teens.

Both programs offer comprehensive resources to educate young consumers on a wide range of age-appropriate financial topics—in a fun and engaging manner.

For details on these programs, visit the Elements of Money and M3 Money Club info sites.

Financial Wellness For Employees

Reportedly, 37 percent of employees say financial stress is a distraction at work, while 57 percent couldn’t come up with $500 in an emergency. That’s why our dynamic Financial Wellness Program is designed to help employees manage their finances and bring peace-of-mind to the workplace.

With our Financial Wellness Program, your employees can access monthly webinars and resources, a digital communications library of insightful content, and BalanceTrack, our turnkey collection of instructional modules, toolkits and calculators.


Does your non-profit work with communities that could benefit from financial or housing guidance? Our certified counselors can provide expert advice for people who need help paying their bills, financing their home, or making a budget.

Want a counselor on-site? With our Smart Money Coach program, a certified coach will meet one-on-one with the people you serve to provide free, confidential and personalized financial counseling.

Whether it’s debt reduction, credit score management, or building a savings account, our coaches can reinforce your organization’s mission to help your clients thrive.

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