Counseling Agreement and Privacy Policy

Please read the following statements carefully. At the time of your counseling session, your verbal acceptance of this agreement will be requested.

1. I understand BALANCE will provide a personal financial consultation after which I may receive a written action plan consisting of recommendations for handling my finances, possibly including referrals to other services or agencies as appropriate.

2. A counselor may answer questions regarding financial issues, but not give legal advice.

3. At some time in the future, information discussed in the counseling session or obtained from my credit report may be used for confidential research and/or a neutral third party may contact me to request an evaluation of the agency’s services.

4. I hold BALANCE, its employees, agents, and volunteers harmless from any claim, suit, action, or demand of my creditors, myself, or any other person resulting from advice or counseling.

5. I understand that unless I choose to “opt-out”, the agency will, if asked by my creditors, verify my appointment as well as the date and results of that appointment. I further understand that I have the right to “opt-out” of having this information shared by calling the BALANCE “opt-out” line (1-888-440-4663).

6. If referred by a financial institution, I understand that the results of the session will be shared with my referring institution, so that they may offer other services to assist me in achieving my financial goals.

7. I authorize the agency to access my credit report for account verification and for confidential research in the future. I understand these reports being accessed will not have a detrimental effect on my credit score.

Please read our privacy policy for more information.